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Colors of nature

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Kayakers enjoying late summer day on river Vardar just a strech from capitol Skopje.

Damned by the dam

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Submerged ruins of an old church, due to the damnation of the river in Mavrovo, Rep. of Macedonia.


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Skopje, Milenium Cross, Winter

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Winter Nature Vodno

Gradski park, Bitola

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We have a new snow. Yey!

Gradski park, Bitola

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The winter is here, but it seems like the autumn doesn't want to leave.

Nature, Ohrid, Macedonia

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My village and it's beautiful colors recorded from sky.

Heraclea, Bitola

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Heraclea Lyncestis was an ancient Greek city in Macedon, ruled later by the Romans. Its ruins are situated 2 km south of the present-day town of Bitola, Macedonia. It was founded by Philip II of Macedon in the middle...

Lake Ohrid, Ohrid, Macedonia

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The old and the new port, and the beauty of the Ohrid Lake and the town Ohrid itself. Such a beautiful town.

Thessaloniki city

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Aerial panoramic view of the old Byzantine Castle, the port and the rest Thessaloniki city, Greece

Tower and the city of Thessaloniki

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Aerial view of famous White Tower and the city of Thessaloniki at night, Greece


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ohrid macedonia

Konjsko – Ohrid

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konjsko ohrid macedonia

Port of Thessaloniki

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Port of Thessaloniki

Port of Thessaloniki

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Port of Thessaloniki

Ski resort Mavrovo

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Ski Resort Mavrovo, Macedonia

Lake Ohrid, St. Naum

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Lake Ohrid, St. Naum

Izvori Sveti Naum Ohrid Lake

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Spring of Lake Ohrid at St. Naum

Lake Kozjak

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Lake Kozjak, Macedonia

Skopje by night

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Skopje by night

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

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Ресторан „Галија Ројал Македонија“ | Restaurant "Royal Macedonia"