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Water Blessing

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Artistic aerial view of a model on the beach in Malibu, California


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Malibu, CA

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House on top of the hill surrounded by vineyards


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Malibu beach surfing

Malibu, California, USA

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Sinusoidal Wave

Malibu Cali

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For those wishing to: zoom in a little bit until you see near the end of the wharf a strange character all-white, which really no one has seen him live. The photo is not retouched, I have accidentally discovered the s...

Venice, New Zealand, Canada, Los Angeles, Malibu,

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One year of aerial cinematography by Mike Bishop

Point Dume-Malibu, Ca.

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Sunny day in SoCal...

Point Dume-Malibu, Ca.

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Sunny day in SoCal...

Malibu California

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Amped Powerboarding on the beach in December

Malibu Beach in December

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Ever been to the beach in December? California Dreamin!