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Marina bay

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Agios Nikolaos city, Crete island, Greece

Marina bay

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Agios Nikolaos city, Crete island, Gerece

Lakeshore, Canada

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Snapshot of land arch along the coast of Lakeshore marina.

Calm at the Marina

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Collection of boats

Lighthouse, Zigi Marina

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Lighthouse Zigi Marina in Cyprus

Lighthouse, Zigi Marina

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Lighthouse at Zigi Marina in Cyprus

,Zigi Marina

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Zigi Marina Cyprus

Lake Wilhelm Marina

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Boat overhead at the marina at lake Wilhelm, PA.

Sunset Ships

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Sunset over the harbor in Avalon, Catalina Island, CA. Taken with a DJI Mavic Pro.


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HDR Panorama of Garachico in Tenerife

The Catwalk

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The Catwalk


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Algarve Portugal – Drone & Time lapse – Spring Reel 2018

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Spring Reel 2018 - Aerial and time-lapse video - Capture in Algarve, famous tourism destination region. Portugal.

Yacht Club

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Cape Coral Yacht Club

Harbor Fog

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Foggy sunrise over Gig Harbor Washington

The empty marina

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Off season in the marina


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The Hythe waterside boat yard

Quiet Row

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A quiet row of houses on the waterside

Farol St Marta

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St Marta Lighthouse in Cascais, Portugal

Marina de Lévis

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My girlfriend lives right next to the marina, I had my drone with me. So, when I saw the sunset was going to look amazing, I took my drone out and took this cool shot. Hope you like it.

Newhaven Port

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Newhaven port from above Fort Hill

Tiny Planet Turks and Caicos

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Tiny Planet over Marina in Turks and Caicos a Tropical Paradise

Rio Piedras, Huelva, Spain

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Rio Piedras, Huelva, Spain

Nueva Umbria

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The awsome formation of Nueva Umbria in Cartaya, Huelva, Spain