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Flying above fog with DJI Phantom 4

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This weekend, it was extremely foggy / misty in our country. I always wanted to see how fog looks like when flying above it with my drone. The drone was soaking wet when I landed it after making some footage. So i...


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Soomaa National Park during floodtime, also known as the fifth season. For more photos visit my website: www.karladami.com

A new day is behind the horizon

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Beautiful morning golden hour behind the hill. A new day is behind the horizon. New beginning.

Industrial sunrise

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Awesome adventure to catch this breathtaking moment. Misty industrial golden hour above the valley. Slept in the car to wake up early and start flying. Then had a breakfast in the grass :)

Majestic Cypress

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Majestic Cypress in morning mist at Blue Cypress Lake, Florida.

Blue Cypress Lake

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Misty sunrise at Blue Cypress Lake, Florida.

Low lying mist

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Low lying mist early on a Sunday morning

Misty morning

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Early morning mist at Kiveton Park

Misty Island

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Mist is passing over Ameland after the sunset.

Doi Phuka

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Misty mountain road on the Doi Phuka lush green tropical forest covered in low cloud during rainy monsoon season in Nan Province, Thailand.

Rüti ZH, Zurich, Switzerland

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A compilation of my aerial videos up until January 2016. It starts in Fägswil, Rüti, piloted from my balcony. :) It then sets off to lake "Bichelsee", Russikon, Pfäffikon, Hüttchopf, Bachtel, Obersee Glarus, Brisi /...

Varna, Bulgaria

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Morning fog

Varna, Bulgaria

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Misty morning in Varna

Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand

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Misty Morning Flight in the local park.

Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand

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Misty Morning Flight Practice


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A flight over frosty and foggy Lawrenny. Always wanted to take a peek above a fog layer.. luckily for me i could fly the drone over the bank and keep it in sight all the time.. Props came back all iced up...