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This was shot in Mongolia with a dji mavic pro.

Mongolia Minute

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Gobi Desert

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Van in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia

Gobi Desert

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Sand dunes in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia

Orkhon Waterfalls, Central Mongolia

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Over an amazing frozen waterfall. Highlight of a 4-day horse back ride in Central Mongolia.

Central Mongolia

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Drone flight over a horde of yaks in Central Mongolia.

khatgal mongolia

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Above Khatgal, Mongolia

Orkhon Falls, Central Mongolia

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The Orkhon Waterfalls are part of the Orkhon Valley, a World Heritage site in Central Mongolia.

Between Desert and Steppe, Mongolia

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Camping between Bayan Gobi Desert and Steppe in Central Mongolia. This is a very special place to me for 2 reasons: - You can witness the struggle for life of nomadic people of Mongolia made more difficult by the gl...

Khogno Khan Park, Mongolia

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On my yurt step! Dronie at Khogno Khan yurt camp in Central Mongolia. This picture was taken during a flight above the yurt camp. We wanted tot take pictures and videos of the camp, to get the impressive atmosphere ...

Bayan Gobi Desert

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Yes, this is a dronie... of me behind the camel! Picture taken in Central Mongolia in May 2015. We were camping in the Bayan Gobi Desert, and our pack camel was resting. Not impressed at all by the drone, just curious.

Orkhon Waterfalls, Mongolia

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The Orkhon Waterfalls, in Central Mongolia


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Funny picture of nomads and riders building 2 yurts in the steppe - Central Mongolia. The yurts have been carried by yacks. http://www.mongolia-travel-and-tours.com/

Orkhon Valley, Mongolia

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Nomadic breeders gathering their horses and foals in Spring for the first milking of the mares. Video taken in Central Mongolia. http://www.mongolia-travel-and-tours.com/ Nos éleveurs nomades de la Vallée de l'Ork...

Arkhangai, Mongolia

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Our camping sites seen from the sky in Arkhangai region, Central Mongolia. http://www.mongolia-travel-and-tours.com/

Khogno Khan Park, Mongolia

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Photo prise lors d'un vol au-dessus d'un camp de yourtes dans le parc de Khogno Khan en Mongolie Centrale. Voyage de repérage pour Randocheval Mongolie : http://www.rando-cheval-mongolie.com/