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A Shaolin Monks

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A Shaolin monk poses for a photo in Zhengzhou, China on July 10, 2018. Youth at the Shaolin temple in Zhengzhou of China's Henan Province study Kung Fu since the age of 6 and reach the "Monk" degree.

Take A Break – Aerial Buddha – Chiang Mai

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Captured this Buddha Statue in Chom Thong Northern Thailand.

Mountain Temple – Thailand – Nature

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This temple is located in the middle of the mountains around 1 hour from #chiangmaictiy in the district of #lamphun On a recent trip I was speaking to a monk who said we build rural temples to turn the mind away f...

Temple Aerial – Courtyard Tiles – Thailand

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This aerial I took is of the tiles outside on a Thai Temple Courtyard.

Ancient Temple Ruins – Old City – Thailand

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• ANCIENT CITY RUINS • I took this aerial shot South of #chiangmaicity in the area of San Pa Tong in Thailand is #wianthakang which has a few ruins left from it's ancient city dating back to around the 10th century...

Mountain Road To Thailand Temple

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Quiet Mountain Roads in Northern Thailand pass below the over seeing Thai Temple

Temple Statue Thailand

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An Aerial of a Temple Statue which is of Famous Monk In Lamphun Thailand who built the road to Chiang Mai's most famous Temple, Wat Doi Suthep

Golden Monk Statue Looks Over Town In Thailand

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On a recent trip I cam across this Golden Monk Statue overlooking the local town in Thailand as you drone past the highway. The story goes this was a monk who built the road from Lamphun to Chiang Mai's Temple Doi Sut...

Wat Huay Mongkol, Huahin, Thailand

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The temple of Huay Mongkol (or Huai Mongkol) located near the resort city of Huahin in Thailand is famous for its giant statue of a reverred monk.