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Moonlight over the Meads

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Night view of river, road and rail. Hertford England

Morning clouds over Vitosha

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This photo is taken early on the morning. In the top right you can still see the moon. The town is Pancharevo and over it is Vitosha mountain.

Fading Light

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Twilight over Moscow river valley. Moscow region, Russia.

Where are you ? on the moon ?

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This photo was taken in the Australian desert above the Opal mine. it's like being on one with all it's artificial craters

Sobre la nueva cero

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Intentado atrapar un rayo sobre la ciudad de Cúcuta.

Algarve Portugal – Drone & Time lapse – Spring Reel 2018

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Spring Reel 2018 - Aerial and time-lapse video - Capture in Algarve, famous tourism destination region. Portugal.

Top Down of the Trestle!

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Overlooking the Half Moon Trestle!

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Winter Railroad!

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Moon Lake

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Shot of Chandra Taal (4250m) in Himalaya's also known as Moon Lake. It's come under some high altitude lakes of the world.


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Series of moonrise clicks


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A series of moonrise clicks

Back to the Moon

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One night with the full moon with corona in the sky.

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Big corona moon in the sky at the urban city of Takfa, the middle of Thailand.

Fly to the moon

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Durante le riprese, il drone al lavoro!

Spanish Peaks and Moon

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Panorama of the Spanish Peaks at golden hour showing the radial dikes that the mountains are famous for.

Fly me to the moon

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drone light painting


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Family walk on the moon

Revine Lago, Veneto, Italy

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An emotional view of this village and its lights wrapped by the fog and lighted by a full moon from above.

Middle of wilderness

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Droned the Moon Rise until the clouds disappeared then took out the telescopes and observed an amazing transit of the SUPERMOON video and also pics www.opspeculate.com

Horch Tabet, Beirut, Lebanon

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Chasing the supermoon over Beirut and Mount Lebanon

Horch Tabet, Beirut, Lebanon

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Chasing the supermoon over Beirut and Mount Lebanon