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Mount Arayat, Pampanga

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The gentle rise leading to the solitary peak of Mt. Arayat found in the plains of Pampanga

Mountain retreat Semenza, venetian dolomites

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A flight on the dolomites

Greenie Dronie

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First Dronie Photo


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a beautiful place ruined by...

Church of St. Bartolomew

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Making a round trip of a lake. Spotted this little church on the beach

(Down Town) Gelfingen (City), Switzerland

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The Village of Gelfingen, Switzerland. A small town with about 500 inhabitants

Lake & Mountains

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Switzerlands beautiful country

Transalpina Road, Romania

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Transalpina Road, Romania. Part of the Infinite road to Transylvania project, July 2017.

The Big Spitzkoppe Mountain (Panorama)

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Groot Spitzkop, or the "Matterhorn of Namibia", is a group of beautiful pink granite peaks. Spitzkoppe National Park, Namibia. Drone panorama

Colorado Rockies and Continental Divide

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4K aerial drone footage shows the San Isabel National Forest and Continental Divide in Colorado.

Rock’s hole

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Hole in the mountain in the Dolomiti, Italy

Jurts camp

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View of camp in Hakasiya reserve.

“S” is for SPEED!

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"S" is for SPEED!

‘Corno Grande’

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'Corno Grande' is the highest peak of GranSasso massif, in Central Apennines, Italy A great place to fly.

Road to Transylvania (10) – Summer version

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Road to Transylvania (10) - Summer version

4 Seasons in 1 Image

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This is the Bogata forest road (E60) that takes you trough Transylvania. Yes, that Transylvania. Today I managed to visit the place once again with the drone and take the 4th picture for the series: 4 seasons in 1 ima...

Sunset times in most west of Japan

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The sunset flight in Sasebo Nagasaki Japan. 208 tiny islands are clustered together in this National Park. It was so calm, no wind, no waves. Amazing view from the sky.

The westmost end of Japan

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The westmost end of Japan, one of the mainland Japan.

Sunset times in Saza Nagasaki Japan

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All the clouds were amazingly turned into red, it was a bit scary but beautiful. I love that moment.

Refugio en la montaña

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Photo: Iván Thibaud – Drone Films Project. Rights reserved: dronefilmsproject@gmail.com