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Danish landscape just outside Naestved

Weather front over Naestved

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Weather front over Naestved Denmark

The boat yard

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The boat yard at the end of Naestved canal.

Lucky number 8

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Finally time and decent flyweather, after more than a month not being airborne I finally got out again. The hills outside Næstved

The old railroad bridge Herlufholm Naestved

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The old railroad bridge over Susaaen in Naested Denmark

Herlufsholm Bording school

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Heavy rainclouds slowly moving in over Herlufsholm boarding school

Thunder cloud over Herlufsholm Forest

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A thundercell forming in the horizon

Naestved training facility

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Early morning in Denmark today 28 mar.

Gammel Skovriddervej

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The curved old forest road towards Ladby.

Herlufsholm forest

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Sunset over Herlufsholm forest in Denmark today 09-03-2016

The frozen river Susaa

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The river Susaa is all frozen over by a thin layer of ice

The marsh

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The trail running along the marsh in the industrial zone of Næstved Denmark. the trail turns sharp 90 degree right below here because of the fjord.

Gavno (Gavnoe) Island

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Gavnoe island and Karrebaek fjord as seen from Næstved, by sunset

Rønnebæksholm Estate

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Rønnebæksholm (Roennebaeksholm) Estate A few kilometres east of Naestved lie Roennebaeksholm’s Art and Culture Centre which is housed in one of the municipality’s most beautiful buildings. The Roennebaeksholm Estate ...

Crater pond

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The small pond looks like a meteor crater. This photo was taken on my maiden flight and also the first photo ever captured by the drone....... instantly hooked on aerial photography :-)

Susaa valley

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Sunset in Denmark today

Næstved Denmark

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A winter scene shot straight down above forest near the railroad.

Kalbyris forest Denmark

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On one of my first real photo flights with my phantom 3 I was lucky enough to find this amazing scene. A patch of pines in the middle of the forest, passed by a small creek.