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Fall Crystal Ball

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360º aerial Panorama in "Tiny Planet" or Sphere view. Taken directly above an intersection where colorful treelined roads of Fall Foliage trees meet. Sherwood, OR Taken: 10-06-2018 Mavic 2 Pro Liana @CloudsAndCoral

Colorful Roads of Autumn

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The colorful treelined roads of Sherwood Oregon. The thoughtfully landscaped roads of different tree species for every road can really be appreciated during the foliage season and from an aerial view. The autumn leave...

Birds Eye Over Fall Neighborhood

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Birds eye view over suburban roads colored by fall foliage. with: Mavic 2 Pro when: 10/11/2018 where: Sherwood,Oregon who: Liana (@CloudsAndCoral - IG,FB,SkyPixel,Gmail)

Somewhere in the neighborhood

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cercle around the neighborhood

Bay Area

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Photo of the bay area, mostly silicon valley

Palo Alto

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Palo Alto

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Just a picture I took of an interesting...street?

Lake Barrington Shores Recreation Center

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A view of Lake Barrington Shores Recreation Center, Lake Barrington, IL.

Flying with Creepy Ambience

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Added some creepy ambience music to some regular footage. Love the result!

Floridian Neighborhood

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Unique Floridian Neighborhood

Floridian Neighborhood

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Unique Floridian Neighborhood

My Neighbourhood

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It's a festive season of Eid Mubarak and I decided to capture an aerial view of my neighborhood.

Las Cruces

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The neighborhood of Las Cruces is one of the most dangerous in the Colombian capital of Bogotá, but with views like this it's worth visiting.

Sylmar, California, United States

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Córdoba Argentina

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City sunset

Córdoba Argentina

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Winter cloudy sunset

Oxford, England

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Suburb near Oxford