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Lin Ma Hang / Robin’s Nest, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Lin Ma Hang and Robin’s Nest are located at northern side of New Territories, near to Sha Tau Kok and Ta Kwu Ling. There are many abandoned mine caves in Lin Ma Hang, and now have become important bat colonies and has...

Bald Cypress at sunset.

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Bald Cypress with Osprey nest at sunset. Lake Disston, Central Florida.

The Largest Eagle of the World at the nest

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Female Steller's Sea Eagle at the nest. North East Siberia.

Steller’s Sea Eagle delivering fish to its nest

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Steller's Sea Eagle delivering salmon to its nest. Remote part of North East Siberia. Picture was taken as a part of routine survey of the Eagle's population. Drones are instrumental ti minimize effect of human distur...

The swallow’s nest

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The swallow's nest - a small castle on the shore rocks.

Northern Ontario Canada

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Fall 2016 from the wilderness of Ontario Canada by opspeculate.com

Storck nest in Habsheim

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Sunrise ont the stork nest.

Storks nest in France

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Storks nest in France


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Stork nest on an electric pole


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Family of storks in the nest on an electric pole

Near Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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It has always been interesting to me how birds actually see the drone as a flying bird on it's own. It's just that different birds, in different situations will react differently - but all in all, they always communic...