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Molenvliet Park Woerden Netherlands

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Raw panorama shots

My very first droneception image

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My first attempt to make a droneception. This one contains 9 different images. Shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Pro in combination with the Droneception App. Edited in Photoshop.

Droneception Holland

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Droneception style photo - shot with Phantom 3 Pro in combination with Droneception App and edited / stitched in Photoshop.


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Groynes on the beach of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

Abstract Groede

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Countryside Groede, Netherlands

Abstract Groede

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Countryside Groede, Netherlands

Zevenhuizen views

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Beautiful scenery near our campground


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Zaandam in the spring.


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Beautiful scenery near our camp ground.

Camping in the Netherlands

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This was a great campsite outside of Amsterdam in Amstelveen

Chasing Colours

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Spring in the Netherlands

Horse house light in the NL

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Het Paard van Marken is 179 years old with yours 15m hight.

Ice shove

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Ice shove in the frozen lake Markermeer after a period of frost in the Netherlands.

Melting Ice in the lake

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Melting Ice in the lake Gouwzee in the Netherlands after a period of frost.

Melting ice

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Melting ice in Markermeer lake, Netherlands, after a long period of frost.

Ice monsters around Marken

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Melting ice around the island of Marken, Netherlands, Panorama composed from dozens of photos.

Oval of trees

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Oval of trees in a submerged floodplain during high water in the river IJssel in the Netherlands.

Flood in the river

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During high water in January 2018, floodplains along the river IJssel in the Netherlands were flooded and many trees were surrounded by water.

Autumn pines, The Netherlands

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Blue pine forest in the late afternoon light with undergrowth foliage, Veluwe National Park, The Netherlands

Urban islands, The Netherlands

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Residential neighborhood recently reclaimed from a lake, Amsterdam

Muiderslot Castle

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Dutch castle at sunrise.

Tulip fields in holland

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the beautiful flower fields in the Netherlands

Windmill The Helper 1863

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Dutch windmill The Helper 1863 during sunrise in winter setting.

Windmill The Helper 1863

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Dutch windmill