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Castillo San Felipe del Morro

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An aerial view of the San Felipe del Morrow Fortress in San Juan, PR. Picture by Dom Lock Aerials. June 2017

Boldt Castle

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Bold Castle, Thousand Islands, NY.


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Powerhouse... On the eastern most point of Boldt Castle is this waterlocked fortress that houses Boldt Castle's power plant. Rebuilt in 1939 after a fire, they remained true to Goerge Boldt's design. This has to be qu...

Rising Waters

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Rising Waters... With the higher water level this year has to make things fun. I returned to Alexandria Bay to shoot right as the fall colours begin to take hold.


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An island dedicated entirely to a lighthouse in Alexandria Bay, New York. The Thousand Islands lives up to the title with many island areas to explore. Navigation of the waters would be near impossible with lighthouse...

Round and Round

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Taken with Dji Mavic Pro at niagara square NY

Queensboro Bridge 2

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One of my favourite bridges of the cuty

Queensboro Bridge 1

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Queensboro Bridge amazing structure

Via 57

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Manhattan's west gateway

Jack’s Reef

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The area around Jack's Reef in central New York has been popular with humans for at least the past 10,000 years. Signs of human habitation have been dated here basically since the end of the last Ice Age. When viewed ...

That Ship Has Sailed…

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Chasing a cruise over the Hudson River near New York City

A view from the Park

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Fly over the lake in Central Park

New York’s skyline

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New York skyline from Brooklyn

New York City Skyline

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Taken from Bushwick, Brooklyn

Calm after the snow storm

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Flying around after a snow storm.

Manhattan Cityscape at Sunset

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Manhattan Cityscape at Sunset shot by a DJI Phantom 4 Pro - 6 Images stitched together as a Panorama.

Sunrise in New York

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A beautiful mid-winter sunrise

New York

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New York

New York

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Empire State in the last day of the year.

Salmon River Falls

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Aerial View of Salmon River Falls

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