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Miu Ko Toi, Tai Mo Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Miu Ko Toi is located in the centre of New Territories, it is 765m high, one of the peak extended from Tai Mo Shan southern ridge. There is a fire lookout on the peak.

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Ping Nam Stream, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Ping Nam Stream is located at northern-east side of New Territories, it is a stream connecting Ping Fung Shan and Nam Chung, with water sourcing from Ping Fung Shan. There were hikers died in the stream, it is also ca...

Ping Yeung, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Ping Yeung is a village located in Ta Kwu Ling. Between April and May, there is an area of cogon grass (Imperata cylindrica) in the farmland nearby.

Ng Tung Chai, Tai Po, Hong Kong

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Ng Tung Chai is located at southern west area of Tai Po District, water comes from Tai Mo Shan and irrigates the farmlands in Lam Tsuen. Ng Tung Chai waters consist of Bottom Fall, Middle Fall, Main Fall and Scattered...

Starfish Bay, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

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A beach in Ma On Shan, near Lok Wo Sha, it is known as “Starfish Bay” because little crabs and starfish can be found around the swallow water in that beach. But, due to the rapid developments nearby, starfish is not e...

Double Island, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Double Island is an island located in northern east side of New Territories, it is a part of Plover Cove (Extension) Country Park. Wong Wan Pak Teng is the highest point in Double island, it is 154m high, the peak at ...

Lin Ma Hang / Robin’s Nest, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Lin Ma Hang and Robin’s Nest are located at northern side of New Territories, near to Sha Tau Kok and Ta Kwu Ling. There are many abandoned mine caves in Lin Ma Hang, and now have become important bat colonies and has...

Kai Kung Leng, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

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Kai Kung Leng is located at the northern west side of New Territories, its original name is Kwai Kok Shan. There are three peaks in Kai Kung Leng, which are Tai Lo Tin (572m), Lo Tin Deng (585m) and Lung Tam San (550m...

Po Kwu Wan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Po Kwu Wan is located in High Island Reservoir in Sai Kung, it is a bay at the western side of Pai Tau Tun. There is an old fish pond, which is in unique shape of a beautiful curve, which is a secret paradise in Hong ...

Four Pool, Sai Wan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Sheung Luk Stream is located in Sai Kung, connected with Luk Wu, the stream is running from southern east side to Tai Long Sai Wan, it is one of the nine biggest stream in Hong Kong. Four Pool is also popular in Sheun...

Tiu Tang Lung, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Tiu Tang Lung is located at northern east side of New Territories, it is 416m high, the peak at the east of Wu Kau Tang. At the top, there are splendid full view of Yan Chau Tong, and is a hotspot for sunrise viewing....

Lau Shui Heung, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Lau Shui Heung is a reservoir which is located at Northeast of New Territories. It has long lost its irrigation function for agricultural lands nearby as Hong Kong’s farming lands have become a rarity.

Tai Sang Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Tai Sang Wai is located at Yuen Long, southern-west area of San Tin. There are many wetland areas, they are home to many birds. The aerial view with combination of fish pond and modern red roofs residential houses for...

Sharp Island, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Sharp Island is located in Sai Kung, it is one of Hong Kong Geoparks. At low tide, there is a tombolo connecting with Kiu Tau. Sharp Island is also a hotspot for snorkeling.

Hok Tau Reservoir, Fanling, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Hok Tau Reservoir is a small S-shaped reservoir situated in the northeastern New Territories. The Tan Shan River, flows through the reservoir and eventually empties into the Ng Tung River. The reservoir can be accesse...

Sharp Peak, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Sharp Peak also known as "Nam She Tsim", it lies at the north of Tai Long Sai Wan, it is also known as one of the three sharp summits of Sai Kung (the other two are ‘High Junk Peak’ and ‘Tai Yue Ngam Teng’). This trai...

Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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Tai O is a fishing town, is located at western area of Lantau Island, it is also a fishing port and has a history of salt production. The buildings built right over the waterway are quite scenic, are popular with visi...

block of flats

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block of flats

Round Island, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Round Island (aka Pak Sha Chau), is an island located at northern east side of Ngo Mei Chau. There are scenic views of layered conglomerates.