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Bridge over Turquoise Water

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Forster- Tuncurry Bridge on a summer morning

Fingal Head

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Shot with Mavic Air at Fingal Head

Rock fishing at Fingal Head

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Taken with Mavic Air at Fingal Head NSW Australia, ND1000 filter and adjusted shutter and ISO

Ceiling Boat at sunset, Manly, Australia, New South Wales

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A paradise creek, two ceiling boats at sunset, amazing colors in Manly, Sydney

Blue Waves in Ben Boyd National Park

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Island Point Rd St Geoges Basin, NSW Australia

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A sunset over Island Point Rd with the two islands in the background.


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A while ago I was playing in a Canola field.

Resting Roo

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Whilst out exploring the local terrain, i noticed what appeared to be a dead kangaroo. As I got closer to see the carcass, it moved. It was alive and just resting, nibbling on some grasses, completely at ease with the...

My First Drone photo

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My first frame from my Phantom 4, captured after work on the outskirts of the town, well away from the airport

Turquoise Waters

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Stunning waters on Australia's East Coast

Red Tractor

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A red tractor ploughing the fields

Golden Canola

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Golden Canola in country NSW

Country Sunset

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The Riverina, country NSW, Australia

Sea Cliff Bridge, Australia

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Sunrise at the stunning Sea Cliff Bridge.

The moody Belmore Falls, Australia

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Jump in! The water's fine. Wait. Do not. You'll do yourself a hurty/death from this height. ⛺️


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Cooling off on a hot day

Blue Sunset

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Sunset looking West

Morning Fires

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Epic sunrise the other morning.

Point Perpendicular, Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia

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I put the drone in the air at Point Perpendicular. The lighthouse here sits atop 100m cliffs at the northern heads of Jervis Bay and the views, even without a drone, are incredible.

South Coast NSW, Australia

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Since I got my drone about six months ago, I have flown it all over South Coast NSW and beyond. Since most of that footage was in 4K resolution, it felt a bit of a shame to always be down-resing it to 1080p for YouTub...