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Black Sea Shore Odessa

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Odessa with its favelas

Waves of Odessa

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Stormy Black Sea

Lonely soul

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Sea & Human


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Fog over the port of Odessa


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Ekaterina ll

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Monument to founder of Odessa Ekaterina ll


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Odessa Passage

Arcadia beach, Odessa, Ukraine

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Arcadia beach

Parking, Odessa, Ukraine

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Amusement grounds. Odessa, Ukraine

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a Ferris wheel


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This summer we've traveled around Ukraine. We visited different regions and found a lot of new and exciting things everywhere. Today we want to share our impressions of Ukraine. We want to impress you too. Ukraine in ...

Odessa, Ukraine

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Port of Odessa

Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi town, Ukraine

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Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, which recently celebrated its 2500th anniversary, is considered to be the oldest town in Ukraine. Along with Rome and Athens, it is among the ten most ancient towns in the world. Bilhorod-Dnistr...

Odessa, Ukraine

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Charming opera theatre in Odessa

Arcadia, Odessa, Ukraine

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Skyscraper is on fire

Radio tower, Odessa, Ukraine

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The highest flag in Odessa

Odessa, Ukraine

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Beautiful firework inside. Odessa 02/09/2015

Ukraine, Odessa

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Odessa opera and ballet theater.

Odessa, Ukraine

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Monument to Ekaterine II.

Odessa, Ukraine

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Beautiful park of Odessa.

Odessa, Ukraine

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Gift to the anniversary of city.

Odessa, Ukraine

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Odessa, Ukraine