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Zakimi Castle Ruins

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On Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, it was built between 1416 and 1422 by the renowned Ryukyuan general Gosamaru, a project which involved workers from as far away as the Amami Islands. The gusuku fortress has two inner co...

Police relief training

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Autumn in okinawa’s ocean

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Autumn in okinawa's ocean

okinawa 21 century forest beach

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okinawa 21 century forest beach


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SUP DAY!Not good. But it's fun.

rainbow and drone

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rainbow and drone

The sea of Okinawa

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The sea of Okinawa

okinawa’s reef

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okinawa's reef

Cape Hedo, Okinawa, Japan

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Cape Hedo is located at the northernmost side of Okinawa, Japan. It is part of Okinawa Dai Sekirinzan Quasi-National Park. A splendid view formed by different cliffs can be seen at Cape Hedo.


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Cape Manzamo, Okinawa, Japan

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Cape Manzamo is a place with scenic rock formation located in Okinawa, Japan. There is a elephant-trunk liked rock on the cliff. At the top of the peak, it was also commented to be big enough for 10000 people to sit.

OKINAWA’s Beach & Drone for instagram

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OKINAWA's Beach & Drone for instagram

Yanbarukuina-observatory in Okinawa

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Yanbarukuina-observatory in Okinawa

Sesoko-ohashi Bridge, Okinawa, Japan

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Sesoko-ohashi Bridge is a 1.4km bridge in Okinawa, which connects Sesoko Island. Sesoko Beach is one of the hotspots under Sesoko-ohashi Bridge, such beach is a hotspot for scuba diving.

Feel easy SUP!

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Feel easy SUP!

Cape Zanpa Lighthouse, Okinawa, Japan

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Cape Zanpa Lighthouse is located in Yomitan Village in Okinawa, Japan. The lighthouse is 30m tall, such lighthouse standing on the 2km long cape creates a splendid view, especially at the sunset time.

Bise-no-Warumi, Okinawa, Japan

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Bise no warumi is located in northern-west side in Okinawa, Japan. It is a secret place in Okinawa and it is also known as "the world after death".

Cape Maeda, Okinawa, Japan

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Cape Maeda is located in west coast of Okinawa, Japan, between Cape Zanpa and Manzamo. You should visit the “Blue Cave” located below the cliff, the ocean will sparkle in a wondrous cobalt blue inside this cave.

Kouri Bridge, Okinawa, Japan

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Kouri Bridge is a 2km bridge in Okinawa, which connects Kouri Island and Yagaji Island. Kouri Island retains the legend concerning love which similar to Adam and Eve on the island.

Skateboarding!! Part 2

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Skateboarding!! Part 2

Shore at Okinawa Japan

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Shore at Okinawa Japan.

Goats are in the valley

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Goats are in the valley.

Kouri Island & bridge at okinawa

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Kouri Island & bridge at okinawa.