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Old town district

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A view on reconstructed old town district of Kiev from above


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Nebeprisikiškiakopūsteliaujantiesiems. The longest Lithuanian word. Translation: We never used to pick up shamrocks enough for ourselves.


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Deconstructing old building in Kaunas, Lithuania

Urban Decay

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Urban Decay, The frailty of our existence in this world is encapsulated in this photo. Whatever we built will eventually be taken over by nature and everything that is not of this world will eventually disappear, swal...

Tskhaltubo’s Circles. Full version.

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Full version of the previous video. Intrigue, what is it, disappears ... :)

Nord River Station, Moscow, Russia

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River station in winter. The water froze, the ships froze in the ice at the pier. But on a sunny day it produces a pleasant impression.

Pawarenga, Northland

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Historic Church in the Carpenter Gothic style, surrounded by graves in the New Zealand country side.