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Costa Rica Drone Footage

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Arenal, Monte Verde, Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica Drone Footage

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A blue whale sparkles at the surface


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A gray whale is covered in barnacles as it surfaces

gray whale at play

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A gray whale slashes and rolls around in the shallow waters off of Newport Beach, CA

Blue Streak

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A blue whale approaches the surface in bath-like water

The shallows

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A gray whale makes a pit stop in the shallow waters off the coast of Newport Beach, CA.

Blue Streak

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A blue whale glides a long the surface while feeding on krill in bath-like water conditions. Blue whales are the largest create to have ever roamed the planet.


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A rare opportunity for scale with a blue whale. The boat in the background holds 114 people, but in this shot it looks like a bath toy.

Hawaiian Sunset near Koko Crater

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A panoramic aerial photo taken from the East end of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Featured in the forefront is the volcano named Koko Crater. To the right, the famous surf break Sandy Beach. Near the sunset in the dist...

4K Drone Video of Portland and Oregon Coast

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Keeping the beach neat (on one side)

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You do not want any lava rocks in your hotel beach :)

Colors of the Earth

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Colors of the Earth

Sunset Along Solitude Beach, Marina State Beach, California

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This is a 1-second exposure using a 2-stop neutral density filter 12 minutes after sunset. I'm impressed by the drone's stability!

Salinas River Pano

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7 photos stitched together for this 180+° panorama of the agricultural land along the Monterey Bay, California.

Winter Day Monterey Bay

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Some of the best days on the California Central Coast come in January along with king tides and winter storm waves.

Martins Beach CA

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Be the rock when there's nothing but troubled waters around you.

Big Sur

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Waves crashing against the rocks in Big Sur, CA. Truly a majestic place that everyone must visit.

Big Sur CA

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Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur, CA

Montana de Oro Coastline (0984)

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A 5-6 vertical-frame panoramic merged in Lightroom CC. This image appears very soft on the Dronestagram site. Please see this very same image file on my website in the "SLO County" gallery. This image has been succesf...

Lighthouse & Weather Station , Baler , Aurora

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The lighthouse and PAGASA Weather Station nestled in the cliffs near Dicasalarin Cove on the northern edge of Baler

Newport Coast

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Newport Coast - Pacific Ocean

Laguna Beach

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Flight over the Pacific Ocean - Laguna Beach

Murphy Windmill and Millwright Cottage, San Francisco, CA

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THE SOUTH (MURPHY) WINDMILL IN GOLDEN GATE PARK Yes, there is a windmill in San Francisco. Actually there are two. The one in this picture is on the south side of the park. On the bottom right you see the Mill...