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“Painting the water”

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I was making a video to this man in a canoe on the Como Lake, when i was struck by the form that the water took on every paddle. So i decided to take a picture of the Scene.

Message from Future

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A giant landart painting entitled "Message From Future" by French artist Saype, was pictured in the park "La Perle du Lac" in Geneva - Switzerland, mid September 2018. The artwork, covering 5000 square meters, was p...

Shocking results

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An edited 2D capture of my friend and I electrifying a bball court.

Burke Lake Wall Art

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A drones eye view over Burke Lake edited as a wall painting.

The end of a river

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The end of a river. Shot above Kauri Creek , Danbulla National Park Australia. DJI Phantom 3 4K

Painting pictures from the sky

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In my free time I like to paint pictures from the sky.


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Top view of hot spring area.


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The Newly renovated "Old Synagogue'" a bit of old style architecture : )