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Spotlight by Molokini

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It was a beautiful few moments on Maui's south shore. The sun was setting and a beam of light was shining down through the clouds on the ocean beside Molokini Islet.

Natural Contrast

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3 types of totally natural colors

Salento & La Carbonera, Colombia. Paradise in 4K

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Salento is a town and municipality in the north-east of the department of Quindío, Colombia. The municipality covers an area of 377.67 km2.[2] It was the first settlement in Quindío of the modern era, and the first mu...

fishing boats on the dock

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photo are made, by me Evgeny Machekhin, on a trip in 2018 to the countries of South-East Asia

– Neon Paddle Boards and Kayaks

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In the weekend, people gather to make a tour on the lake with paddle boards and kayaks, all decorated with neon lights.

Palm trees in the wind

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Palm trees in the wind

The 100 palm trees of Suphan Buri in thailand drone FPV 2.7k

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This is the first sight of the sky filmed by drone FPV video of this famous alignment of more than 100 palm trees in Suphan Buri province a few kilometers north of bangkok, this alignment was planted days after days a...

Miami Palm Trees Formation

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Nothing like a nice chain of Palm Trees in beautiful Miami weather.

Palm Circle

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A palm tree circle on the beach

Riviera Maya

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Beach shot near Akumal in the Riviera Maya of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

Valle de Cocora

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The wax palm trees of the Salento region of Colombia are the tallest in the world, making for amazing scenes as the clouds in this valley pass through.

Pool by the beach

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Blue swimming pool next to the ocean

Playing on the beach

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Local nearby beach in PR

Crandon Park Palms

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Palm trees from above at Crandon Park, Key Biscayne, Florida.

December in LA

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A beautiful day in December's flight over Echo Park Lake. Mountain ranges one side and Downtown LA and the LA Dodgers Stadium the other side

Echo Park Lake

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Throwback to my December 1st 2016 flight over Echo Park Lake overlooking the Dodgers Stadium and Downtown LA

Echo Park Lake

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Throwback to my December 1st 2016 flight over Echo Park Lake overlooking the Dodgers Stadium and Downtown LA

Palm tree lane

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Beach side palm tree path

Picnic at the beach from above

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Puerto Rico beach

Three Hundred and Seventy Eight steps down to a hidden paradise

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Hidden beach in Bali

Lone Fisherman

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a sole fisherman in a vast cove


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Little Hidden(ish) Beach

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This relatively secluded beach in Bali, sometimes tricky to find as you need to make your way through some jungle but then again its totally worth it! This day, a group of surfers had made their way there.

Tegallalang Rice Fields

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I'm so used to seeing these perfect images of locations, the reality is, in most developing countries tourist attractions like this are likely to be taken advantage of. In this photo you can see the aggressive buildin...