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Running shadows

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Yesterday I had enough luck to catch a herd of deer running across the pasture. It was such a great moment to see it from the above!

Elysian Fields

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Some of my favorite drone shots are low aerial. They don't scream "drone" but, if you are an observant person, you realize there is no way that shot was taken from the ground.


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A great old barn in interesting light due to forest fire haze drifting eastward from British Columbia this past summer.

Horse Shadows

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Top-down view of five horses in pasture showing their shadows.

Drama in the Skies!

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Drama in the clouds over the old barn! www.jeffzenner.com www.facebook.com/jeffzennerphotography

Tree of Two Colors

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Bicolor tree standing alone in rolling pastureland.

Divide and Conquer

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With fence and blade we hold back nature. But only for so long...

Above the Jura Mountains looking to Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc

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Above the Jura Mountains looking to Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc


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Kelly Farms

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foggy morning flight

Kelly Farms

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Early morning video production BTS (Behind The Scenes) shot of S900 taking off over dewy pastoral scene for OPTUM / MAYO display.