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Where is my boat?

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Trang An is a must see to whom visit the ancient capital of Vietnam Ninh Binh. As of 6am daily, boat pilots (wearing a blue shirt) reach the packed dock area, jump on their boat, and start their daily routine preparat...

Watering flowers

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A farmer water his flowers in the Mekong delta Vietnam. Flowers are stored aboveground level to avoid flooding and the farmer use a wooden boat to navigate and water his flowers.

Watering flowers

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A farmer waters his Daisy flowers in the Mekong delta, south Vietnam. Flowers are racked above ground level to avoid flooding due to regular heavy rain in this area and a wooden barge is used to navigate and water th...

Tidal Veins

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Aerial photo of Buffalo Creek, Northern Territory, at low tide revealing patterns in the sand.


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San Juan River in southern Utah doubles back at Gooseneck State Park

Patterns in Time

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Desert erosion patterns

Monsoon storm on the mesa

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Near Big Water, Utah, the erosion of time causes patterns in the soil

Crops from above

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Looking down on Irish farmland


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Abandoned cycling stadium from above.

Cold palette

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Amazing patterns on the fields near capitol Ljubljana.


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Astonishing rock forms in the Croatian seaside.


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Road Gaps

3 x 3

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3 on 3 basketball


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Salt & Ice

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This is taken from the salt flats near the gold mining town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. I love the patterns that the recent rains have formed on the edges of the salt lake.

Vast and Empty Land

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A single and lone individual walks across the Lake Goongarrie Salt Flats.


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Lake Albano, Rome. Everybody's preparing for the incoming summer season. Almost everybody.

Garden overhead at Airlie

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A direct overhead of the garden layout at Airlie, Virginia.


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In a heat wave catch me poolside :P

Harvest on the Edge!

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