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Cayo Zapatilla

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Te mostramos el espectacular cayo zapatilla en Bocas del Toro, Panamá a vista de un drone Phantom 2. Suscríbete http://goo.gl/kajqhH Sígueme en: Facebook https://t.co/CpjdS8xSod Twitter https://twitter.com/Rec...

Molinos de viento de Consuegra

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Los molinos de viento de Don Quijote en Consuegra. The windmills of Don Quixote in Consuegra.

Cayo Zapatilla

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Las aguas turquesas de cayo zapatilla en Panamá. The turquoise waters of Cayo Zapatilla in Panama.

Phantom vs Skogafoss

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El inicio de mi vida con drones fue enfrentar el phantom 2 contra la Skogafoss en islandia. The beginning of my life with drones was to face phantom 2 against Skogafoss in iceland.

Yacimiento de Malamoneda

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Te mostramos necrópolis paleolíticas del Yacimiento Malamoneda en Toledo que dejo huella las culturas hispanorromana, visigoda, musulmana y medieval. ¿Te unes a nuestro canal? Suscríbete http://goo.gl/kajqhH Síg...

Molinos de Consuegra a vista de Dron

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De nuestra reciente visita a Castilla La Mancha, específicamente a Consuegra realizamos este vídeos sobre los molinos de viento que representan tanto a Castilla. ¿Te unes a nuestro canal? Suscríbete http://goo.gl...

El castillo de Zafra escenario de Juego de Tronos

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Visitamos el castillo de Zafra, un pequeño castillo ubicado en Guadalajara. Este sitios fue utilizado en la sexta temporada de Juego de Tronos y que se conoce como la torre de la alegría. Suscríbete http://goo.gl/...

Athepe – Lifou – New Caledonia

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Athepe cave on Lifou island, New Caledonia. This large room opens at the top of the old reef bulb. A collapse illuminates the cave. A smaller hole allowed the elders to descend with a banyan root to reach after a few...

M-Wave, Nagano

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The M-Wave, location of the 1998 speed-skating event during the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano city, Japan.

Mount Maunganui

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Mount Maunganui and beach.

Castle Hill

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Above Castle Hill in Canterbury, New Zealand.

The Great DJI Phantom 2

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This was one of the last glorious flights of my first drone: a DJI Phantom 2. After its "retire" was the time for a Phantom 3 Professional. Nowadays there is space only for my Phantom 4 :)

Pistoia – Flying into a fairy tale

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Old but gold shoot :) My first drone was a glorious DJI Phantom 2. Here my city during a perfect spring morning. You can find in the left corner a garden made in two little squares during the event called "Un Altro Pa...

Pistoia – Tuscany – Italian Capital of Culture 2017

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The official video for Pistoia - Tuscany - Italian Capital of Culture 2017 - Lorenzo Marianeschi. Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 2, Sony Alpha 7s II, Canon 5d Mark II. Realized with the help of Discover Pi...


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BMX jump. Picture with DJI Phantom 2 and Gopro 3 Black Edition


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BMX jump. Picture with the Dji Phantom 2 and Gopro3 Black Edition


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BMX jump. Pictures with Dji Phantom 2 and Gopro 3 Black Edition

Sommet du Jet d’eau de Genève

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Sommet du Jet d4eau de Genève

Jet d’eau de Genève

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Jet d'eau de Genève

Posto selvaggio

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Beach and forest 🌳 in puglia, Italy 🇮🇹 With my GoPro 4 and my dji phantom 2

Eric CEO Dronestagram

Dear member of the Dronestagram community,

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Many of you have already responded positively and I would like to thank you most sincerely for that. Members who have donated €50 or more will soon receive a coupon code for a free copy of our book "Dronescapes".

But it would certainly have worked even better if we hadn't had a bug on the Paypal payment button!

This bug is fixed and everything works now. If you would like to make a donation to help us, please visit this page on Dronestagram, it will be easier and safer.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty and see you soon for more news!

Eric Dupin