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Ndouni Gabon

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Des buffles de forêt dans la plaine de Ndouni au Gabon, plaine et savane de Ndouni, bord de mer. Buffaloes of forest in the plain of Ndouni Gabon Africa, plain and savanna of Ndouni & seaside. best wishes for th...

Ndouni Gabon

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This vulture being very young, it was rather curious to see flight the drone to its sides and without apprehension, the youthful & the immature ones is brown color. The face and the throat yellow are diluted.The a...

Ndouni Gabon

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Sunset on the beach of Ndouni

Ndouni Gabon

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Sunset on the beach of Ndouni, region of Nyonié, Gabon

Ndouni Gabon

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Visual of a herd of Buffaloes of forest in the Savanna of Ndouni, region of Nyonié Gabon

Nyonié region Gabon

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Survol avec un drone Phantom 4 DJI, Eléphant dans la plaine de Ndouni, et de la falaise d'Oyane et du lac Maridor au Gabon.

Nyonié region Gabon

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It is a place where few people come, several mystical superstitions and stories from where the name of the hole of the devil…. The cliff is of approximately 60 meters in height, the tropical forest comes at the edge ...

Nyonié region Gabon

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Overflight with a drone of a group of palm-nut vulture (Gypohierax angolensis) or vulturine fish eagle area of Nyonié in Gabon, Africa.

Trou du diable réhion de Nyonié Gabon

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Le trou du diable, c'est un endroit particulier avec une falaise abrupte de 45 mètres environ, la forêt tropicale est pratiquement au bord de la falaise...