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Watchful William Penn

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The statue of William Penn is erected at the top of City Hall in Center City, Philadelphia. Construction finished in 1901, and under an informal agreement, it was to be the tallest building in the city, until it was f...

Schuylkill River Sunset

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This is a photo is taken above the Schuylkill River, just south of the 30th Street Train station. The warm lights and sunset provide a stark contrast to the stormy clouds, which also contrasts the calm river.

Philly on Fire

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This shot captures a firey sunset in Philadelphia, looking over some of the most iconic buildings in Center City, with the Schuylkill River and West Philadelphia in the background. A shot even the Fresh Prince would a...

Community Garden

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Community Garden, suburban Philadelphia, USA


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My first flight in Philadelphia and I get some shots of Boathouse Row, side shot of the Rocky Steps, the Art Museum and a surprise shot of some jet skiers at the end! Hope you all enjoy! Please like, comment & sub...

Construction of New Philadelphia Skyscraper

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Photo of a new nearly finished skyscraper in Philadelphia, PA from a few months ago. The building is now complete as of the time of this post! Shot with an Inspire 1 drone in early 2017. Please check out some o...

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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A shot during the construction of the new FMC skyscraper in Philadelphia, PA! Construction is almost completed. Photo was captured with DJI Inspire 1. Check out more awesome drone photos and videos. If you're look...

Boathouse Row – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Philadelphia Pennsylvania's Boathouse Row

Philadelphia Zoo

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Look of the Channel 6 hot air balloon over the zoo with Philadelphia in the background.

Philadelphia Logan Cirkle .

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WWW,LOGANCIRKLE.ORG This is beautiful place in Philadelphia

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA

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Ben Franklin Bridge, linking Philadelphia PA to Camden New Jersey Thanks for looking! Check out some more of my work: Video Production Service in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Stock Footage, Philadelphia Businesses

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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City Hall in Philadelphia, PA. One of the oldest buildings in the US - a statue of William Penn can be seen on top. Taken fall 2014. Thanks for looking! Check out some more of my work: Philadelphia Video, Drone, M...

Camden, New Jersey, USA

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Ben Franklin Bridge connecting downtown Philadelphia PA to Camden NJ. Fall 2014 on a Phantom Vision 2+! See more Philadelphia drone videos and photos and Philadelphia Video Production services by EDF Workshop! ...

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Downtown Philadelphia! Fall 2014! See more Philadelphia drone photos! by EDF Workshop Video Production Services Thanks to the Philadelphia Directory.

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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A picture of downtown Philadelphia PA at night time. Taken on an DJI Inspire 1. Winter 2015! See more drone videos and photography Video Production Work Also, big shout out to the Philadelphia Directory for all...

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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A picture of Benjamin Franklin Bridge, which connects Philadelphia PA and New Jersey over the Delaware River. Shot at sunset in fall 2014 on a Phantom 2 Vision+. See more awesome aerial drone videos and photograph...

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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A picture of Philadelphia's historic Art Museum with the skyline in the background. Shot in fall 2014 on a Phantom 2 Vision+. See more beautiful drone photography and videos! Video Production Services!

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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An old, historical boat parked on the river between Philadelphia and New Jersey. Fall 2014. Shot on my old Phantom 2 Vision+. See more beautiful drone photography and videos! Check me out online at EDFWorkshop.co...

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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The Philadelphia Skyline at Sunset. Summer 2014. Shot on my old Phantom 2 Vision+. See more beautiful drone work! Check me out online at EDFWorkshop.com and on Facebook Also, shout to Joseph, Philly's best.

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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This is from 2014 taken on my old Phantom 2, but still a good one! Ben Franklin Bridge over the Delaware River. Shot from Philadelphia - New Jersey is seen in the background across the river. See more at: EDF Work...

Skyline, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia skyline at Sunset! Fall 2015 See more at: http://www.edfworkshop.com EDF Drone Also, thanks to Joseph for the help!, the best plumber in bucks county. Philly Business Directory

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Philadelphia Skyline at Sunset! Check us out to see more: http://www.edfworkshop.com Facebook Instagram Google+

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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My 60 second Aerial Reel. Filmed with the DJI Phantom 2 and DJI Inspire 1 Locations: Philadlephia, St Lucia, New York City


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Filmed with the DJI Inspire 1