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Between mists

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The picturesque village of Tavertet is located on top of a cliff next to a precipice where it offers us impressive views of the Sau reservoir.

Autumn in Scotland (2)

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Incredible views and reflections on Loch Lubnaig. An entire show of autumn blossoms.

Road to Lairg

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Lairg is the site of the fifteenth largest impact crater on earth, dating from 1.2 billion years ago and 25 miles wide.

The Gloup

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The Gloup is a collapsed sea cave in the Mull Head Nature Reserve in the islands of Orkney, Scotland. The name derives from the Old Norse "gluppa", meaning a chasm. The cave is separated from the sea by a land bridge...

Salinas de Imón

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The salt mines of Imón were the largest salt mines in the area and for a long time those with the highest production in the Iberian Peninsula. Today abandoned.