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Palacio National in Sintra by @dronefilmingbelgium

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Palacio National in Sintra by @dronefilmingbelgium

Surfers and waves by @dronefilmingbelgium

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Surfers and waves by @dronefilmingbelgium

Last few minutes of light

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I was driving around Lofoten on a very cloudy day and as the day was ending the beautiful light of the midnight sun poked thought the clouds to give a dramatic lighting to this this unusual landscape.

Light over Lofoten

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The Beautiful islands of Lofoten in Norway getting some light after a very overcast day.

Straight Down the road

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Panorama shot in Lofoten Norway

Alone on a rock

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Panorama of a friend watching the midnight sun peaking true the cloud in the middle of the night

Hiking with the Midnight sun

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Panorama of two hikers enjoying the midnight sun in Norway

Bridge to the Islands

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Morning panorama taken in Henningvaer, capturing the only land access to this cool little city

Lofoten from above

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Drone Panorama of Lofoten in Norway, the view was amazing capturing the human footprint in this perfect landscape.

Midnight Sun in Henningvaer

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Amazing Midnight sun over Henningvaer city in Norway, this panorama was taken after a very cloudy and windy day, just a few minutes before the sun disappeared the cloud opened up to give some beautiful light over this...

Budel, Netherlands

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This picture I took in the Netherlands. I made it look miniature with the tilt and shift edit. I hope you like it!

Piazza Unità d’Italia, Trieste, Italy

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Hey everyone, My first shot for a photo contest sponsored by an italian scientific association. I invite everyone to click on the link below and like/share. Thank you all https://www.facebook.com/accademia.diconse...