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Balseada Scout 2018

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Every year the local scout group of Mazatlan has their traditional "Balseada" where boys and girls fabricate their own rafts using wood and rope, after that they race each other for the big price

Balseada Scout 2018

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Every year the scout group of Mazatlan City has his balseada, where the boys make their rafts using wood and rope to race each other for the first price

Shallow Water

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People having fun and relaxing on a Sunday morning at the beach. Livin la vida Mexico

Stone Island Bay

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Near Stone Island, Mazatlan you can find this pool like beach with amazing restaurants for you to live the real Mexico.


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Represa de Guatape, piedra del Peñol

Laúca, Angola, Africa

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Piedra de Laúca

Barichara – Santander

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Una nueva producción de Sky Zoom que quiere resaltar la belleza del pueblito más lindo de Colombia. Nuestro drone sobrevoló los lugares más representativo de este lugar. A new production of Sky Zoom you want to hig...