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Southend On Sea, Pier

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Southend On Sea

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Molos, Limassol

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Molos, Limassol

Pier of Maatea, Moorea

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Meeting places of the weekend, where we play petanque, we fish, we throw ourselves to the sea

Needle in a Cloudstack

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This is a sunrise shot of the Space Needle and Mt. Ranier, with some of downtown Seattle poking through the clouds, taken from just south of Kerry Park. I woke up early and saw the dense clouds above, and initially th...

Long pier

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Koh Kood Island, Thailand

Sun is shinning at the Makai Pier, Oahu, Hawaii n n

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Drone photo taken of the Makai Research Pier on the East shore of the island ofkbf Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii Sunrise over the Makai Pier

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A scenic drone photo of the Makai Research Pier and offshore islands during an early morning's sunrise on the East shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

After Maria

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Pier at Punta Santiago after Hurricane Maria hit

Top View

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Top view of a fishing pier on the coast of Florida

Lunch on the Sea

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People enjoy food at a restaurant, a part of which is on the Fishing Pier extending several meters into the sea. This provides a unique experience as you enjoy your food along with the slow gushing sound of the waves ...

Hues of Nature

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The afternoon sun lights up the colorful bed of this shallow lake. This is a popular state park in Florida close to my old residence. Although I had been to this place many a times for photographing the unique terrain...

Giant Spoon or Brighton Pier?

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Brighton Pier in all it's colorful glory from above.

Hamburg Speicherstadt Aerial View HDR Panorama

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Aerial HDR Panorama of the Speicherstadt in Hamburg with Elbphilharmonie

Hamburg Speicherstadt Aerial View HDR Panorama

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Aerial HDR Panorama of the Speicherstadt in Hamburg

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Aerial View HDR Panorama

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Aerial HDR Panorama of the Hafencity in Hamburg with Elbphilharmonie

Sunrise over Ullswater

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Early morning before the steamer gets going

adventure awaits

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Girl on a pier

Catherine Hill Bay

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Photo taken on my trip to Australia , with Phantom 4 Pro

Bournemouth Beach – 7 Miles of Golden Sands

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Shot with Mavic Pro. Made for my won use. Thanks for watching. If you like it please let me know and or subscribe to the channel! https://www.bournemouth.co.uk/things-to-do/beaches Music:› Artist - Sappheiros, Title...