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Ewan Maddock Dam QLD Australia

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Ewan Maddock Dam QLD Australia.

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Earl Morning Fly At A Local Dam.

Wappa Dam QLD Australia

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Wappa Dam

Point Cartwright Sunrise

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Mooloolaba QLD Australia

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Point Cartwright.

Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

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Point Cartwright QLD Australia


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Shadow before flight.

Noosa National Park,Whale Migration,HellsGate,QLD Australia.

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Noosa national park,QLD,Australia.

Noosa QLD Australia

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Hells Gate Noosa National Park QLD Australia.

Point Arkright QLD Australia.

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Mid day flight.

Kiamba Rock Falls QLD Australia

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This area was dry a few weeks before this footage.

Mt Tibberoowuccum QLD Australia

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One of the many rock formations in the Glasshouse mountains.

Mt Tibberoowuccum QLD Australia

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Glasshouse Mountains Lookout QLD Australia.

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Great elevated area to get a great view.

Mt Coonowrin QLD Australia

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Early Morning Shot of Mt Beerwah,MT Coonowrin,Sunshine Coast QLD Australia.

Glass House Mt Lookout QLD Australia

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Glasshouse Mt 18/06/2017

Lake Borumba

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Lake Borumba Dam

Rock hole Kiamba

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Kiamba rocks after decent rain

Kiamba Rocks

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Water finally flowing over kiamba rocks,was a cyclone to the north produced some heavy falls.

Wappa Falls Road

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Its been a dry summer finally some water flowing.