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Parrot Disco Drone Flight 1000m up in Alps Mountain Glacier at 3200m altitude !!!

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Take your eyes in a Drone Parrot Disco original 1000m flight in alps for a 18 min up to 3200m flight a the top altitude from sea level. Flight to a big Mountain ... source

Above the clouds

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rare event, clouds slowly falling like a waterfall from the mountain

Radio communications network

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Complex installation of radio communications antennas for long distance data broadcasting


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The long wave transmitter at Ingoy island. Soaring 364 above sea level it is the largest man made installation in Northern Europe.

Sunny Isles, Florida

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15 Seconds of Flight - Short and sweet UAV flight clips. Shot in Miami Beach, Florida using a quadcopter and GoPro3 camera. http://www.facebook.com/Aerial514 http://www.Aerial514.com http://www.AerialPhotoMi...