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Volo con il mio aliante-drone al Caval Drossa in Ticino-Switzerland. Bellissimo vento caldo da sud (direzione Lugano), un volo spettacolare. Date un'occhiata alla mia website: https://flying4nature.com/


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FUN CUB RC plane es a drone with GoPro 3. Look at my website: https://flying4nature.com/

Thermal flight

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Glider drone flight with my BETA E 2.3m in Switzerland. Onboard cam: GoPro 3 Silv. Ed. Look at my website: www.flying4nature.com

RC glider drone

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Slope flying in Switzerland, Ticino (Region of Lugano) with my glider-drone. You can follow my fly adventures on www.flying4nature.com

Lignite surface mine CSA, Czech republic

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Lignite surface mine CSA (czechoslovak army) is located between Most and Chomutov cities at bottom of Ore mountains, Czech republic. Ruined Jezeri castle is above it as a witness to proceeding mining activities. Main ...

Members of SLCS flight club by Kostomlaty

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Meeting and flying together with my friends by Kostomlaty pod Milesovkou in one autumn afternoon.

Merunice Quarry, Czech republic

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Merunice quarry is situated near by the town Bilina, southwest part od Czech central mountains. Basalt is mined here and quarry is owned by Basalt company.

Milada lake, Czech republic

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Lake Milada is ex-lignite mine nearby Chabarovice town. It is filled with water due to recultivation. Here you can see it´s west side.

SYMA X5 RC Quadcopter – Impressionen

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Impressionen eines SYMA X5 RC Quadcopters. Looping bei 1:08 !!

Oblik hill, Czech republic

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Oblik and Srdov hills are parts od Czech central mountains.

Chraberce quarry, Czech republic

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Chraberce quarry is situated on the south edge of Czech cetral mountains. Now it is owned by Eurovia company.

Bílina town, Czech republic

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Sunset over Bílina city in Czech republic. View from Kankov hill.

Bílina town, Czech republic

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View to Bílina town from Radovesice spoil bank.

Bořeň hill, Czech republic

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Bořeň hill is part of Czech central mountains. It is natural protected area.

Horní Jiřetín, Czech republic

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Horni Jiretin town in CZ. Probably will be ruined due to lignite mining.

Chemical plant Zaluzi, Czech republic

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Chemical plant in Zaluzi is greatest chemical plant in Czech republic.

DJI Phantom 3 Pro flight over Voyager Of The Seas

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DJI Phantom 3 Pro flight over Voyager Of The Seas

Kostomlaty pod Milesovkou, Czech republic

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Kostomlaty pod Milesovkou, village in Czech central mountains, sunrise. View to Ore mountains.

Kankov village, Na Vetraku, Czech republic

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Over the Kankov village, there is a place called Na Vetraku (On the Fan).


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