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Ocean Playground

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A kayaker paddles across a rocky reef on Maui's north shore.

Morning Exercise

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Two beach walkers and one kayaker out enjoying some morning exercise on Maui's north shore.

Solitary Honu

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Honu is the Hawaiian word for turtle. This sea turtle is swimming alone inside the reef on Maui's north shore.

Canoes Along Diamond Head’s Shoreline

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A postcard perfect view of colorful outrigger canoes anchored in crystal blue waters near the shores of Diamond Head. Diamond Head is a volcanic crater, and a famous iconic landmark. Its located on the South Shore of ...

Where Ulua and Mokapu Beaches Meet

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Easy to see with a drone why this old lava flow between Ulua and Mokapu Beaches on Maui's south shore is a popular snorkel/dive spot.

Summer on the south hemisphere

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Snorkeling on the coral reef barrier of Mayotte. One of the biggest closed lagoon of the world and a beautiful place to chill!

4K Indonesia Drone Video: Sulawesi, Manado, Tomohon Aerial Video

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Drone video from Indonesia featuring volcanoes, a giant reef, a hidden cave, rice paddies, geothermal lakes, and a waterfall for good measure. I shot this drone ... source

Sailing Paradise, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Enjoying a diving stop in pristine waters of the lagoon of Vaitape (Bora Bora), in the Society Islands of the French Polynesia

Rassi Douamounyo – Commune de Mtsamboro – Mayotte

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Mayotte depuis son extrême nord - Rassi Douamounyo - Commune de Mtsamboro - Mayotte

Eagle ray, green turtle, Mayotte

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Aerial view of marine species. Mayotte lagoon, reef.

Raivavae Reef

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Coral Reef in Raivavae

okinawa 21 century forest beach

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okinawa 21 century forest beach

Three’s a Crowd

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Swimmer coming across two sea turtles near a reef.


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Spot du Moule

Spot du Moule

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Sea and reef UP

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Sea of Guadeloupe

Sea and reef

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Guadeloupe landscape

The sea of Okinawa

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The sea of Okinawa

okinawa’s reef

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okinawa's reef

Récif à Mtsamboro – Mayotte – DroneGo

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L'ilot mtsamboro possède un récif frangeant exceptionnel...les plongées y sont magiques, on y rencontre des baleines et la faune est riche...