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Muskie Lake

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Autumn in northwestern Ontario.

In Living Color

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Overhead color photo of a dead/dormant cypress tree surrounded by the reflections of clouds in the still lake water - captured with a DJI Phantom 4 at Millwood Lake near Jack's Isle Landing on September 25, 2016 at 1...

Loch Gelly

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Early morning flight at local loch

Loch Gelly Reflections

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morning shot of a loch near where I live.

Athalassa Park (Mavic Testing)

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Athalassa Park

Scripps Pier

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Scripps Pier San Diego

Montesano Wa. Olympic Peninsula

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Reflections late cloudy afternoon on backwater pond adjacent to the Wynoochee River outside Montesano Wa. Phantom 4

TBD Fest, West Sacramento, CA, USA

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TBD Fest 2015 in West Sacramento, CA

TBD Fest, West Sacramento, CA, USA

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Short clip of some nighttime vid I shot of TBD Fest 2015 in Sacramento. This was just after DJI upgraded the Phantom 3 Advanced camera to shoot 2.7 k vid at 30 fps and this was more of a test than anything. This isn't...

Turgoyak lake, Miass, Russia

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Turgoyak is a lake in Chelyabinsk Oblast, near the city of Miass, Russia. It has a surface of 2638 hectares. The water of the lake has a great transparency (from 10-17.5 m). The quality of the water is comparable to t...