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National Park 99 Islands Nagasaki Japan

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99 Islands in Sasebo Nagasaki Japan. 208 tiny islands are clustered together in this National Park. "99" mean "a lot of " Japanese coastal beauty.

Ikitsuki Island Nagasaki Japan

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Ikitsuki island. Located in Kitamatsuura District, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. The island used to be a whale catching base in old days. The island id famous as a sightseeing spot of Nagasaki now.

99Islands Sunset Nagasaki Japan

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It was so calm and quiet,no wind, no waves.Beautiful moment of the sunsets in Sasebo Nagasaki Japan. Japanese costal beauty.

Doya Terraces Nagasaki Japan

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The sunset times of Doya Tanada’s rice terraces in Nagasaki Japan. It was cloudy day but just before the sunset, luckily the sun showed up and I had a chance to take this photo. There was also nice cloud’s reflection ...

Turned in red after sunset

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The sunsets in Sasebo Nagasaki Japan. All the clouds turned in to red and also reflected on the sea.It was beautiful moment.

The sunsets in 99 Islands ocean

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Beautiful moment of the sunsets in Sasebo Nagasaki. The yacht was stopped for a while and enjoying the ocean.