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No Sleepwalking

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A bend in the Colorado River, and a sheer cliff, with spectacular views.

On the edge

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camping in Arizona, along a bend in the Colorado river, with a sheer dropoff.

The big bend

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A bend in the Colorado River, Arizona

Goosenecks at sunrise

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the was just rising over the San Juan River

San Felipe

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Un breve vuelo sobre las costas de Yucatán en México

Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho

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The Mighty Snake River marches to the sea.

River Hut – Chiang Mai – Thailand Aerial

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Captured this aerial of the riverbank and land north of Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Rally en Río Pichileufu

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Fisherman Throwing His Net – River Fishing Thailand

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Captured this aerial in Chiang Mai Thailand above a river of a fisherman launching his net for his catch.

River – Bridge – Thailand – Sunrise

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Morning Bridge Sunrise Aerial. River In Thailand

Volga hoses photosession

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Volga hoses photosession

Porta Bohemica, Czech republic

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Valley called Porta Bohemica, river Elbe, near by Male Zernoseky village

Cirkvice, Czech republic

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Village Cirkvice on the bank of river Elbe in Central Bohemian Uplands. Summer morning.

Elephants Walking River – Northern Thailand – Chiang Mai

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Captured these elephants from above enjoying a river walk

Old bridge, Rijeka Crnojevica

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Old bridge, Rijeka Crnojevica

Old Bridge, River of Crnojevic, Montenegro

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Old Bridge in Rijeka Crnojevica, Montenegro

River of Crnojevic, Montenegro

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River of Crnojevic, Montenegro

River Collision

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Tortuguero is one of the most remote national parks of Costa Rica, a pristine park where there are no cars, no traffic, no pollution at all. I was looking for taking some shots of the nature, but since I was on an isl...

Dubicky, Czech republic

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Dubicky lookout with view to D8 highway and Elbe river

Vanovske rocks, lookout, Czech republic

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Lookout Vanovske skaly with view to Masaryk´s lift-lock and Elbe river near by Usti nad Labem