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mangrove forest

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mangrove forest

Aerial monitoring during tactical training on Vltava river

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Monitoring during tactical training (fire department, police and rescue forces) - fire on a cruise ship on Vltava river.

Island to Island sunset

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looking at the south Island of New Zealand from the North Island

Snowy Kingdom

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The main russian University and Moscow-river.

Le Rhône (Suisse)

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Bord du Rhône en Valais (Suisse)

Sunset over river

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Flying lower over the hutt river in Wellington new zealand at sunset

Cornellana Bridge’s

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Works on the Bridge. Cornellana, Asturias. www.alphadrones.es

Sunset over the Vistula River in Torun

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Aerial view of the Vistula River passing through the Polish city of Torun.

Spring in Moscow

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Sunset sky over the spring Moscow.

Bikes Crossing The River In Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Took this shot of 2 Scooters over the ping river in Thailand where there was a bridge just for bikes to cross over.

Moscow Nord River Station.

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Moscow Nord River Station. May 2017

Spring sun light

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Spring sun light

Point Clear Bay

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Point Clear Bay in Clacton-on-Sea


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Road Nr 1, the road around Iceland, as seen from the air above Myrdalsandur.

Like a snake…

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Land van Saeftinghe from above.

Faqra Natural Bridge

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Drone flight over Faqra natural bridge in Mount Lebanon

Mountain view of Tabarak River

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Tabarak is a three part village in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. A dead end district in central Iran.

dragon temple,kanchanaburi thailand

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Wat Baan Tham is located at Khao Noi Sub District, Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi. It is only five kilometers far from Wat Tham Sua if you take Mae Nam Mae Klong road. The stairs which will bring you to the cave giv...

NIKKO 4K Footage | with Mavic Pro

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A day in Nikko, Tochigi, Japan. Cocktail-like colored lake and precise designed bridges were really interesting to shot. ////////////// - Ropposawa Bridge - Kawaji Dam - Lake Yashio - Yunishi River

Piave River at sunset

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Piave river at sunset