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road trip

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Road trip in between the lakes in Lithuania during the summer.

toy city

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Place for learning the road signs.

winter road

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Windy winter road after the fresh snow has fallen in the Malopolska region, Poland.

Dangerous Drive

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This is not staged! Picture is taken by chance. Drive safe and responsible.

Road Trip

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Are you up for a road trip? Taken in southern Germany during sunset.

Above Autumn

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Funny how everything looks different from above.

Bicaz Gorge, Transylvania, Romania

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Part of my Infinite Road to Transylvania Project, October 2018

Autumn in Transylvania

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Part of my Infinite Road to Transylvania Project, October 2018.


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Scorched stone country north of the town of Katherine, Northern Territory, after recent dry season fires burnt through the area.


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Hoons left the intersection of Jenkins Road and Finn Road in Weddell looking like a race track's skid pan after doing burnouts.

Winter wonderland

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Winter road in Slovenia

Road to the autumn

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The way to the Tavatuy Lake, Sverdlovsk region, Middle Urals, Russia

Spring in Val d’Orcia

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Sunny spring morning in Val d'Orcia, Tuscany, Italy

Road to the autumn

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Autumn road, Middle Urals, Russia

Tuscan morning

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Spring morning in Val d'Orcia, Tuscany, Italy

No traffic today

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A straight road surrounded palm trees

The valley of the Scottish tears

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The Glen Coe is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Scottish Highlands. It was once the land of the Donald clan. The most famous episode in the history of the valley is the sad story known as the Massac...

The magic of Glencoe

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Nothing prepares you for the magnitude of Glencoe. When you catch a glimpse of the silhouette of its rugged hills, the valley suddenly grows bigger, and the look does not allow it to sweep its entire length. The Glen...

Smile !

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Road going to Mont Ventoux at first snow in autumn

Smile !

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Road going to Mont Ventoux, at first snow in autumn

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