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Rochester Silo Art | Artist Jimmy DVate | Bendigo Aerial

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Rochester Silo Art: Endangered Squirrel Glider and Azure Kingfisher featured at Rochester Silo. Short aerial view while we were working between Rochester and Echuca. Stunning painting and talented artist definitely st...

Drone Video of Plummer House in Rochester, MN (4K)!

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A drone video of the Plummer House in Rochester, MN. The Plummer house was built in the early 1900's by one of the first doctors at the nearby Mayo Clinic. Footage was filmed in 4K with DJI Mavic Pro. Please like and ...

Rochester castle

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View of Rochester castle and Rochester Cathedral

Rochester Miniature

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Rochester NY with a Tilt Shift Lens

Lilac Festival

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Lilac Festival Guinness World Record Photo

Rochester NY

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Rochester NY Big Three