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Park Rozrywki Energylandia – Boomerang Roller Coaster – Drone

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Boomerang Roller Coaster – atrakcja uniwersalna – zapewniającą zarówno, fajne ekstremalne momenty z dreszczykiem ale w „rozsądnej dawce” ;) – dostępna ... source

Right moment, right time @ Pulsar, Walibi Belgium

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Big Splash, Walibi Belgium, Pulsar attraction, fall flight

Roller coaster, Walibi, Belgium

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Loup Garou (Werewolf) Roller Coaster , Walibi Belgium , summer flight

Orlando Rollercoasters

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Going up and down spiraling at high speeds is better when done under perfect Florida weather

Abandoned Theme Park – Wooden Roller Coaster – Branson, MO

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A beautiful aerial shot of the former Ozark Wildcat wooden rollercoaster at the abandoned Celebration City theme park in Branson, MO. When I saw this unique loop in the track, I knew it would make for an amazing b/...

Callington, Cornwall, UK

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Fun Fair from the sky at sunset. Tweet us - @kitevisiondrone www.facebook.com/kiteivision