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Dive-In Movie Night

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Aerial view of Summit House Rooftop Pool Movie Night during Wonder Woman screening and the downtown Minneapolis Urban cityscape in the background.

My “Dark Knight” Shot

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This reminded me of a shot you'd see in The Dark Knight or some Christopher Nolan movie


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Rooftops of Kaunas, Lithuania

Shanghai courtside

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A pitch as green as the river.


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Sunset over Torun's old town

Midlevels Hong Kong

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Small hidden oasis in the midst of Hong Kong\'s concrete jungle

Local Coffee San Antonio Texas

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This is an aerial view of the building of a Local Coffee Coffee Shop.

Mexico City

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I was flying around Polanco and I notice below me this building with a couple of courts, one for tennis and one for Basketball and I though the contrast and the whole in the middle was very attractive.


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Rooftop Sunsets

Piazza Unità d’Italia, Trieste, Italy

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Hey everyone, My first shot for a photo contest sponsored by an italian scientific association. I invite everyone to click on the link below and like/share. Thank you all https://www.facebook.com/accademia.diconse...


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Top of the Liberty Bridge, Budapest


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Top of the Liberty Bridge, Budapest


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Top of the Liberty Bridge, Budapest


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Top of the Liberty Bridge, Budapest


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http://www.overhd.tv A new PV solar installation at the August Pitts Farm, Churn Lane, Horsmonden

Shanghai stadium, China

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Tianyaoqiao lu village & Shanghai stadium

Xuhui, Shanghai, China

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Xujiahui towers and Shanghai on a smoggy day

rooftop & Xujiahui neighborhood, Shanghai, China

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view of our rooftop and south Xujiahui neighborhood, on a sky blue morning in Shanghai

Grenoble, France

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Commercial center in a residential area.