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Picking Strawberries

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Park Play

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Parrot Anafi is quiet in the park


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Sacramento, CA, USA. download showbox apk latest version

Christmas Decorations 2017

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That time again. Here is our Christmas decorations for 2017. It took us a little while to put them up so we hope you enjoy them.

Irrigation Streams along the Delta

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Streams the deliver water to the crops in the Delta

Dicovery Park Still Flooded

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Farmland goldenhour

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Golden Hour Farmland Aerial photography of farmland looking towards the city of Davis,California if you look a little to the right side you will see a little bit of traffic because of rush hour people heading home ba...

Sacramento Tower Bridge at Night

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I flew over the tower bridge at night in Sacramento

Delta Shores Sacramento

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The Delta Shores complex is being built now April 2017 along Cosumnes River Boulevard and should be completed sometime later in the year. This is an ariel view with my Phantom 3 pro

Tower Bridge Sacramento

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The gold Tower Bridge in Sacramento

Tower Bridge Sacramento

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I flew over the Tower Bridge in Sacramento and also the Pyramid building

Snodgrass Slough by Twin Cities

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I flew over the Snodgrass Slough off of Twin Cities Road south of Sacramento. It had flooded the week before from the rain.

South Sacramento Flooding 2017

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I flew over the flooded area around Lambert & Franklin Road in Sacramento. The area was flooded and the water was rising over the roadways

Walnut Grove California

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I flew over the Delta in Walnut Grove.

Town of Locke

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I flew over the historical town of Locke.

Pacific Coast Championships 2016 – Discovery Park

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Flying over the Pacific Coast Championships 2016 at Discovery Park in Sacramento, Ca. We had over 270 archers participate.

Steelhead Creek in Discovery Park Sacramento, Ca

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I flew over Steelhead Creek in Discovery Park , Sacramento, it is a beautiful location.

Grapestakes Archery Tournament Discovery Park Sacramento California

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Grapestakes Archery Tournament is held every year at Discovery Park in Sacramento, Ca.

Discovery Park Archery Range

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Here is a film on our first day outside shooting at the Discovery Park Archery Range. We have been inside all year and its nice weather now so we started shooting outside at the range.

Nimbus Dam, Gold River, California

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Waterway below the Nimbus Dam, in Gold River, California, just in front of the fish hatchery.

Ghost Mall Elk Grove California

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Here is the infamous Ghost Mall of Elk Grove. It was supposed to be a retail mall but the collapse of the market led to its failure. Now supposed to become a outlet mall and even an Indian casino.

Nimbus Dam Hatchery

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This is the water way just below the nimbus Dam at the hatchery, where they help the fish population.

Discovery Park

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I flew over DIscovery Park when it was flooded this month, March 2016.

Discovery Park

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I flew over Discovery Park in Sacramento, which is flooded from the past rainy days of Feb and March.