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Salento & La Carbonera, Colombia. Paradise in 4K

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Salento is a town and municipality in the north-east of the department of Quindío, Colombia. The municipality covers an area of 377.67 km2.[2] It was the first settlement in Quindío of the modern era, and the first mu...

Cocora Valley, Colombia – Home of the Tallest Palms

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The Cocora valley (Spanish: Valle de Cocora) is a valley in the department of Quindío in the country of Colombia. It is located in the Central Cordillera of the Andean mountains. "Cocora" was the name of a Quimbayan p...

GALLIPOLI – Sant’Andrea island

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the lighthouse in plan

GALLIPOLI – Purità Beach

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the beach in the heart of the historic center

GALLIPOLI – the pier

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sugar cubes in the sea

GALLIPOLI – old town by night

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the first lights of the evening in the historic center

G A L L I P O L I – south Italy

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GALLIPOLI the day after big storm

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Le due Sorelle, Otranto, Lecce

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Le due Sorelle, Otranto, Lecce

Valle de Cocora

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The wax palm trees of the Salento region of Colombia are the tallest in the world, making for amazing scenes as the clouds in this valley pass through.

Parque de Salento Quindío (Nocturna)

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Foto con phanthom 4 del parque principal del Hermoso municipio de Salento Quindío.

Valle del Cocora, Salento, eje cafetero, Colombia

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Valle del Cocora, Salento, eje cafetero, Colombia

Otranto, Puglia, Italia

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Aerial view of the bauxite mines in Otranto.

Cave di bauxite, Otranto, Puglia, Italy

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A dronie during the #SalentoUpnDown tour around the south area of Puglia!

Torre Suda, Racale (LE), Puglia, Italy

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Torre Suda is a medieval watchtower on the sea, located in Apulia, Italy. Near the tower is made a public garden with an amazing view to the sea. The mayor of Racale town, ask me to film the area with my drone, for t...

Torre dell’Orso – Salento, Apulia – South Italy

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One of the first pics made with our drone. It is The Seaside of our region, Apulia, in the area of Salento. you should really come and see! We will welcome you.

Salento, Italy

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Fligth over beaches near Salento. See the original video here http://vimeo.com/73371702

Salento, Italy

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Stunning views of Salento, Italy. Source : http://vimeo.com/73371702