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Crop Patterns I

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Top down view in a Saskatchewan farm field under harvest.

Crop Patterns II

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Like an abstract painting! This photo was taken over a Saskatchewan farm field as it was being harvested..

Crushed Velvet

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Old farmhouse in a field. The crop is trampled in places and makes me think of crushed velvet.

Making Windrows

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Two swathers at work in a canola field.

Time Goes By

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Evening photo of an abandoned old farm house in a field whose textures and patterns remind me of carved wool carpet.

Green Fields and Blue Sky

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White wooden granary in a crop field.

Barn Lollipop

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I am very eager to see the patterns that reveal themselves when I explore the view above ground level!

Old and New

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Two grain storage structures sit side by side in a Saskatchewan field.

Prairie Farmscape at Sunset

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Pretty sky and old grain elevator in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Outlook Bridges

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Old orange(1936)and new(1998) bridges spanning the South Saskatchewan River near town of Outlook, Saskatchewan along Hwy 15. In the distance is the Skytrail Bridge. Originally constructed by Canadian Pacific Railway i...

Old School House

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Took this on a road trip last fall. I think it is an old school house. Wish we could always know the history of the things that call out to our cameras.

Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Sandpit Operation near Lumsden, SK.