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Swimming Away

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I try to be respectful of other living beings and do not support harassing wildlife in order to get good shots. This is a cropped photo of a seal swimming in an estuary. The water looks so smooth and milky. I thought ...

Iceland from the sky

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Waterfalls, glaciers, lava fields, lakes... Landscapes in Iceland with drone

Bearded seal on ice

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Provideniya bay, Chukotka, Russia

Authie Bay, France

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Pour la vidéo en version française : https://youtu.be/RQg5y-Dk8cA The Authie Bay is one the most beautiful bay in France, at just 2 hours from Paris. A few kilometers to the North from the Somme bay, the Authie ...

Vatnajökull glacier lagoon

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Seals on ice!