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Nice fly days in Swiss Winter, countryside in the region of Lucern. Look also at my website with lot of air pictures and videos: www.flying4nature.com

A Rosa Scharmützelsee

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Hotel A Rosa Scharmützelsee

into the clouds

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some boats, some clouds, some trees

Mauensee, Switzerland

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Mauensee, a wonderful beautiful island in Switzerland. In addition a beautiful castle.


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The Yesa reservoir is an inland sea that stores the blue waters of the Pyrenean mountains

klammsee Kaprun Austria

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Klammsee Kaprun Salzburg Austria full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADiIzDCuFEM

Welcome to Austria – Tirol

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Reintalersee Tirol / Austria full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4I-qbqJods

Côte sud sauvage de l’île de la Réunion

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Reunion Island South coast , pool and see

Rangsdorfer See, Rangsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany

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I enjoyed a cold day in winter with some ice-skating in Brandenburg wth my DJI Mavic Pro.

Rangsdorfer See, Rangsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany

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Sardegna, Capo Pecora , Arbus

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Capo Pecora Fotografia Aerea Costa Verde. . La costa è caratterizzata da scogliere a picco sul mare, da tratti rocciosi e spiaggette composte da chiari ciottoli e massi di composizione granitica levigati dall'ince...


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At the beach in Blavand/Denmark


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Seeufer mit Boot


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Nice view from the see


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Always fun to be on a boat and catch the sunset!

Top 10 lakes around Berlin – No. 1 Liepnitzseee

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Top 10 lakes around Berlin - No. 1 Liepnitzseee Amazing shots from the sky of the most beautiful lake around Berlin - Liepnitzsee.

Chassiron, Oleron, France

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Oberon Island Shore at sunrise

Vierwaldstättersee / Gersau

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An der Seestrasse im Herbst

Nidersonthofener See, Allgäu, Germany

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