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A group of sheep exiting the gate of their inclosure

Havre de la Vanlée, Bricqueville-sur-mer, Normandie, France

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Sheeps in the Vanlee's haven in Normandy, France

Sheep & shadows on a cold winter’s day

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Cold winter morning, sheep & their shadows

Coming Home

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A shepherd drives herd of sheep to the cage in Ninh Thuan, the hottest and driest region of Vietnam, that suitable for farming sheep. Everyday, shepherds drive the sheep from the cage to mountain at sunrise, and retur...


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September in Iceland is the month of Réttir - a nationwide roundup of sheep from mountains and valleys. The ancient tradition involves spending days on foot, in the saddle of Icelandic horses or ATVs followed by a gra...

Flock of sheep walk

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Sheep on a hiking tour.


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Sheep herd returning from the mountains on a foggy day in the Carpathians (Bucegi, Busteni, Romania, September 2018)

The most Irish view at all

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I cannot imagine more Irish situation than this one! :-) The sheep, meadows and the sea :-)

Drone Herding

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Drone Herding

Swiss farm

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Region of Lucern - Switzerland

Swiss trees

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Pine grove in Switzerland

Vineyard and sheeps

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Region of Lucern - Switzerland

Photvoltaic plant

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Photovoltaic plant, France https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrPx7T6Evqj0HkDREIxmJxA

Sheep – Photovoltaic Plant

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Sheep - Photovoltaic Plant France - Lorraine https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrPx7T6Evqj0HkDREIxmJxA/featured

Silo Art Trail

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Silo Art Trail in Victoria is a popular art form where Silos are painted by renowned Artist to highlight local identities and are bringing life back to small rural communities in the Wimmera and Mallee area in Victori...


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Iceland sheep

Sheepdog Game

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Katy (shepherd) and Sage (borde collie) play sheepdog in Prosecco Hills

Sheeps in Corsica

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Sheeps seen from a high of 120 meters in Corsica

Aerial flock of sheep

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Vistas aéreas de un rebaño de ovejas mientras pastan en los camps del valle de Esgueva

Moscow Nord River Station.

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Moscow Nord River Station. May 2017

The Bad Shepherd

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A roadside pitstop.


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Sheep grazing in paddock


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Swarm of Sheep