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ER Kobe

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ER Kobe, a 277 metre container ship seen at dusk

Port of Blanes

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Nice view of the port in Blanes, Catalunya

Gas Shuriken

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Gas Shuriken, a 100 metre LPG tabker under way


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Fedora, a 228 metre car carrier at sea


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Aglaia, a 269 metre container ship at sea

Koat Lestari

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Kota Lestari a 266 metre container ship

Pro Emerald

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Pro Emerald, a 180 metre oil tanker seen at sea

Dyna Crane

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Dyna Crane, a 190 metre bulk carrier seen at sea

Atlantic Bulker

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Atlantic Bulker, a 176 metre bulk carrier seen at sea

Snowy Kingdom

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The main russian University and Moscow-river.

Baikal Lake

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Aerial view of Baikal Lake

St. Simons and Jekyll Islands, Georgia, USA

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Tour of Saint Simons and Jekyll Islands in Georgia, USA

Star Wars

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Star Wars - a ship docking to the mother

Stamford Pioneer

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Stamford Pioneer, a 180 metre bulk carrier under way

Hyundai Supreme

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Hyundai Supreme, a 294 metre container vessel under way

Doris Ruby

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Doris Ruby, a 123 metre tanker under way

Pan Gloris

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Pan Gloris, a 180 metre bulk carrier under way

ANL Wahroonga

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ANL Wahroonga, a 275 metre container vessel under way

Ship launch

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Ship launch in shipyard of Sestao (Basque Country)

The flooded Church

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The Church (15 century) on the shores of White lake flooded in the early 20th century in Vologda region.