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how waves are made

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cut the reflection.

Morning Celesta

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Morning Celesta, a 200 metre car carrier

Lexa Maersk

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Lexa Maersk, a 266 metre container vessel

Cape Inscription

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Australian patrol boat Cape Inscription


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I shot this huge container ship over Elliot Bay, in Seattle, WA, USA

Eagle Matsuyama

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Eagle Matsuyama, a 183 metre oil tanker

Just another day at the office

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Submarine cruising into Hvalfjordur bay in Iceland to pay homage to the PQ17 convoy that set off from there during world war 2 and suffered heavy losses in transit to Russia.

Sofrana Surville

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Sofrana Surville, a 146 metre container ship making way in calm waters

BW Myna

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BW Myna, a 183 metre oil tanker

Aurora. Saint-Peterburg. Russia

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Great Aurora at the pier in St. Petersburg


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Unloading of raw materials at docks in Northern Ireland

A Freaky Vehicle

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A Freaky Vehicle

An Unfinished Crusade

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An Unfinished Crusade

Long Way Home

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Long Way Home

Dalniye Zelentsy, Russia

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Sunken ship, the Arctic ocean

Leaving Mazatlan

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The cruise ship Carnival Miracle sails away from the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa; Mexico with a beautiful sunset. The lighthouse on the right is the first and last thing the visitors see of our city.


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Photo of your favorite city


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Photo of your favorite city

Ship Loads

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Container shop, Fremantle harbour, Western Australia

Ship arrives to Vyborg

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I saw this ship when i was on the shore and pictured the cityscapes of Vyborg. Drone can rapidly send your eyes anywhere. I made it