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Galileo G.

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55 metre expedition yacht, Galileo G


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Australian submarine HMAS Waller

Eddie’s boat

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Eddie's boat, washed up on the shore in the 1970s during bad weather. You can just visit the boat if the tide is out, the rest of the day it is covered by the salty water of the Atlantic. That is why it's conditio...

Stenaweco Impulse

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Stenaweco Impulse, a 183 metre oil tanker


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The Gargantua... Crippled during a storm on the Great Lakes in 1952 leaving the vessel stranded in open waters. The Gargantua was towed into a calm bay for repairs, only to become lodged in the sandy shallows. A fire ...

Marex Noa

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Marex Noa, a 124 metre tanker at sea

how waves are made

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cut the reflection.

Morning Celesta

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Morning Celesta, a 200 metre car carrier

Lexa Maersk

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Lexa Maersk, a 266 metre container vessel

Cape Inscription

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Australian patrol boat Cape Inscription


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I shot this huge container ship over Elliot Bay, in Seattle, WA, USA

Eagle Matsuyama

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Eagle Matsuyama, a 183 metre oil tanker

Just another day at the office

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Submarine cruising into Hvalfjordur bay in Iceland to pay homage to the PQ17 convoy that set off from there during world war 2 and suffered heavy losses in transit to Russia.

Sofrana Surville

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Sofrana Surville, a 146 metre container ship making way in calm waters

BW Myna

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BW Myna, a 183 metre oil tanker

Aurora. Saint-Peterburg. Russia

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Great Aurora at the pier in St. Petersburg


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Unloading of raw materials at docks in Northern Ireland

A Freaky Vehicle

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A Freaky Vehicle

An Unfinished Crusade

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An Unfinished Crusade

Long Way Home

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Long Way Home