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Jess shipwreck

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What a ship!

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Just a second of watching this shipwreck was enough to me to decide... yeah, I had to start my drone despite the rain!

Amazing Arran Islands…

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This is shipwreck of MV Plassy laying on the ground of the Aran Island since 8 March 1960.

Shipwreck in a lake

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shipwreck in a lake

The Land God Made in Anger

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“The Land God Made in Anger”: this is how Bushmen used to call the Skeleton Coast, an unwelcoming stripe of more than 1.500 kilometers in the north of Namibia. Also straightforwardly referred by Portuguese sailors as ...


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La Famille Express ran aground in Turks and Caicos

The Wreck of the Karl Marx

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The Wreck of the Karl Marx vessel is situated at “Shipwreck Beach” (aka. Karl Marx Beach) a 1.5 mile stretch of beach approximately 30 miles north of Luanda Angola. It is known by the locals as Praia da Santiago or...

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic by Drone (Mavic Pro) in 4K!

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A video I made from my honeymoon at the Colonial Majestic Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! Such an amazing place to visit, want to go back soon. Footage shot with DJI Mavic Pro in 4k, edited with Davinci Reso...


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The Gargantua... Crippled during a storm on the Great Lakes in 1952 leaving the vessel stranded in open waters. The Gargantua was towed into a calm bay for repairs, only to become lodged in the sandy shallows. A fire ...


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There are numerous shipwrecks off the coast of San Andres island that people can walk/swim out to and explore.

What Lurks in the Shallows

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Hidden in the Canning River (Perth, WA) between Salter Point and Shelley there lays an old WWII Barge

– Shipwreck Claude –

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1940, during the "Opération Dynamo" (See the next movie of Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk, July 2017), loads of ships coming from England run aground the beaches of Northern France. There is at least 200 shipwrecks in the...

Garden Island Ship Graveyard

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A few shipwrecks of Garden Island, South Australia


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The sunken Regina Caelis at Portaferry

Dugi Otok, Croatia

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Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

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Shipwreck, Caicos Banks, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, SUP

Zakynthos, Greece

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Shipwreck on Zakynthos

Coronado, CA

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{SS Monte Carlo} Coronado Beach, CA My photos of this 80 year old shipwreck are the first of it’s kind. The last time this buried vessel was seen was in 2010. This is a vertical panoramic photo composed of 4 images...

Coronado, CA

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{SS Monte Carlo} Coronado Beach, CA My photos of this 80 year old shipwreck are the first of it's kind. The last time this buried vessel was seen was in 2010. I was able to document this hidden gem that sits on ...

Marigot, St. Martin

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A sunny day at one of Marigot's beaches.

Gytheio, Navagio

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Shipwreck on the beach.

Marjan, Split, Croatia

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Shipwreck in Split, Croatia.

navagio beach zakynthos greece

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navagio beach zakynthos greece

navagio beach zakynthos greece

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zakynthos navagio beach