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Colours of Peru | DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (4k)

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As we were traveling through the south side of Peru, I realized that this is by far the most diverse country I have ever been. Peru is the country that you can get frozen rain and sun burn on the same trek, it is the ...

Mountains of Peru | DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (4k)

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Peru was a very memorable place for me in many ways. I stayed in this fantastic place with my now... fiancee, for 22 days, traveling from Lima all the way to the south and Machu Picchu. The trip was amazing, the coun...


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Ijen volcano in Java, Indonesia. It is known for having a fantastic blue fire. This short film contains valuable cuts that drone aerial shot of the blue fire overhead. It also records the appearance of people workin...

By Air

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A recent project shot over a week in Indonesia.

Foix Swamp, Catalonia, Spain

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I've seen hours and hours of aerial footage, showing scenery, beautiful sunsets, beautiful buildings... But I haven't seen a lot about short stories, films or shortfilms recorded exclusively with drones, phantoms in t...